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April in Paris!

Love was definitely in the air here at The Town Center French themed party and dinner this month. Residents danced to the music of The Silver Tops, playing several famous French songs, including “April in Paris” and many other love songs. Dancers were on the floor dancing to every song at the pre-party and enjoying cocktails before dinner. The French dinner began with a cup of French onion soup, followed by the entree of Airline Chicken with a Tarragon Creme Sauce, Olive Risotto, and Tian Vegetables layered with Zucchini, Shallots, Yukon Potatoes, and Tomatoes baked until crisp with a Cheesy Garlic Mozarella Topping. Dessert was French Crepes, of course, with Marscapone Cheese and a coloful Berry Sauce. The rooms were filled with dozens of spring flowers, blue lights and candles…with Eiffel Tower posters and table settings, in addition to, a large Monet painting as you entered the room, posters of French menus, and French table chandelier lamps.

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