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Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Town Center residents celebrated during our Chinese New Year themed party and dinner this month. We began our evening with an open bar and dancing to The Lou Ann Rice Band, featuring singer June Carter who brings the charm with his fun interpretation of songs we all love from the 30’s to the 60’s. He loves to get the ladies out on the dance floor. Everyone was all dressed up in beautiful outfits, many they bought overseas while traveling in Asian countries throughout their lives. Dinner was a delight with a soup made with noodles, light vegetables, baby shrimp in a seasoned broth, followed by a Chinese pork dish covered with a luscious sauce and accompanied by Asian rice and assorted vegetables. Dessert was a tangy key lime pie which was the perfect ending to an amazing dinner. Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling with decorations throughout the room highlighting the beauty of oriental design. The tables were adorned with colorful alstroemerias and butterflies in Chinese bowls, Chinese military men and Chinese tea light candles. Fortune cookies were in oriental bowls on each table…a fun way to end a Chinese dinner and compare fortunes!

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