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Making Summer Parfaits at The Gardens

Last week was a perfect time to make some cold refreshing summer parfaits. Gardens residents and Becky Strong, Community Life Director, made some delicious parfaits, adding a few fun and colorful touches with umbrella picks in each one. We started with pistachio pudding, then added half the pudding to the clear cups. Susie smashed all the vanilla wafers that were inside a plastic storage bag, using a large rolling pin. We topped the pudding with the crushed vanilla wafers, then added a honey Teddy Graham bear mixed in with the vanilla wafers. We then topped them off with a colorful paper umbrella in each parfait. Family members came in to visit and help with the parfaits. They were placed in the refrigerator to chill and have for a snack after naps and before dinner. Residents ate a few of the vanilla wafers along the way…saying they could hardly wait until snack time to taste the parfaits!

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