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Valentine Theme Party and Dinner

Town Center residents danced to the music of June Carter and the Donna Rice Band playing some romantic and fun tunes from our past. Everyone dressed for Valentine’s Day in beautiful colors of reds, pinks, purples…to go along with the many colors of the tables and decorations. June loves getting up and dancing with the ladies while he sings, and he makes it such fun for everyone. Residents enjoyed drinks from the bar…lots of margarita lovers out there now, seems to be the most popular drink! Then after the party, everyone gathered in the dining room for a special Valentine theme dinner. Chef Chris prepared a delicious Italian Wedding Soup, made with meat balls, orzo, spinach and mirepoix slow cooked in chicken stock. For the main course, they served a Chicken Marsala, a pan-seared lightly breaded chicken breast with mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce, along with angel hair marinara, and balsamic roasted brussels sprouts with bacon. For dessert, everyone raved about the chocolate ganache bundt cake…a chocolate bundt cake filled with ganache and topped with berries.

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