A Night Out at The Ballgame

It was a fun night out at the Dodgers game and beautiful weather too. It can get really hot in Oklahoma in the summertime, but we got lucky and had mild temperatures. We always sit on the street level behind Home Plate so we are sheltered under the overhang. Everyone got a free Dodgers hat with their ticket…two different styles, one navy and the other light blue (but we realized they were only giving the light blue out to the men, hmmm).  Residents got $6.00 to spend out of the cost of their tickets to buy hot dogs, beer, ice cream, peanuts or whatever $6.00 would buy! Almost everyone opted for the beer and hot dogs… because what is a baseball game without hot dogs and beer. We stayed for all nine innings. The score was neck and neck all through the game until the final inning when the Dodgers had three men on bases and the batter hit a home run, bringing in all four…wow what a site that was!! Everyone cheered and commented on what an amazing game it was. We made our way outside and gathered by the Mickey Mantle statue to watch the fireworks following the game. What a great night… we are all so excited to have such a fantastic team right here in our city and also a fun way to spend an evening in Brick Town.

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