Active Aging Week – Spa Day

During Active Aging Week, residents were doing something fun every day! One day last week we decided to do a Spa Day, offering facials, make-overs, hot wax treatments with lotion hand massages, foot baths, chair massages, and serving champagne or fresh lemonade, accompanied by cheeses, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and various crackers.

The Heritage Hall “Adopt a Grandparent” kids came over and assisted with all of the services. They brought several different types of facials to offer which were easy to apply and remove. They began with treatments under the eyes and across the nose to target the pores, then applied the face mask the residents’ chose themselves. The foot baths had some lavender essential oils added to them and residents said it was very relaxing. The kids plus Trish and Kaitlan did chair massages on most of the residents and they also served the champagne or lemonade and appetizers to each resident as they relaxed. Several residents enjoyed the lavender hot wax treatments…one of the grandkids placed their hands in the hot wax, they relaxed a couple of minutes until the paraffin hardened and then they removed the bags covering their hands and began the massaging. Two girls did the hand and arm massages, one on each arm, for at least ten minutes each, using one of four different scents of lotion. This was definitely an enjoyable luxury! A representative of Mary Kay was here to do make-overs which was fun for all. They liked trying different colors of eye shadow and mascara. Kelsey also did hand massages with one of her products which included a sugar scrub. She also carries a lip scrub and lip balm which several of the ladies wanted to try. Soft relaxing music was playing in the background creating the full Spa Day experience….Everyone has asked to please do this again soon!

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