“Adopt a Grandparent” Outing

Some of our residents in the “Adopt a Grandparent” program with Heritage Hall students decided to go over for the first home game at Heritage. It was a beautiful night, and a great evening for a football game! Residents sat with their grandparent and others met new students who signed up last year as 8th graders wanting to be involved in the program this year. Marco and Alina who organized the program on the Heritage Hall side, brought several students throughout the game who signed up but don’t have a grandparent yet. They had fun visiting with all of us throughout the evening and this is one of the best ways to pair up a resident with their new grandchild. Sometimes they just connect immediately and know that is the right fit. Residents wanted to stay for the whole game, so we were able to take in all the fun things one experiences at a high school football game. Lots of the kids dress up in costumes, sitting together in one area and they are called “The Jungle”. We were sitting fairly close to them and they jump and chant the whole night, throwing beach balls out to the crowd…showing lots of school spirit! The theme for the evening was “America”…with everyone wearing red, white, and blue. We plan to attend more of the games and look forward to several of the sports events since our “grandkids” are involved in soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball and more! Many of our kids are in the next musical, so several of the grandparents will be attending. This has been an amazing program that has brought joy to both the students and the residents. As one resident said recently, “my grandchild needs me!”

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