“Adopt a Grandparent” Pumpkin Decorating

Heritage Hall kids in our “Adopt a Grandparent” program came over this week, bringing pumpkins, paint, glitter, letters, flowers and all kinds of decorations to design a pumpkin with their own grandparent. Everyone gathered outside on a beautiful sunny day by the Gazebo to begin decorating.  It was fun to watch all the different ideas flowing between each grandchild and grandparent. Some of the residents met their new adopted grandchild for the first time, as we are having more and more residents wanting to get in on the fun!

The kids scheduled five events with the residents the two weeks before Halloween. Besides the pumpkin decorating, we went over to a community service fair last week. This Friday is the Heritage Hall bake sale. Several of our residents are baking cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and cupcakes for the kids to sell at the bake sale Friday morning. Becky and the residents are planning to attend the bake sale and help the kids with the sale. The proceeds they make will go to pay for many of the events the kids plan with our residents. Saturday morning, the students are coming over to The Fountains at Canterbury for a grandparent/grandchild Halloween party. Each student has planned with their grandparent what they are going to dress up as for the party. Marco wanted his grandmother, Betty Hatcher, to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and he told her he was getting her the dress! Marco was planning to be the scarecrow. Betty decided since she is 6′ tall and 99 years old, that might not be the wisest choice for a costume so they decided to go as devils!  The kids are getting the costumes for their grandparent so they will both coordinate their outfits. They are bringing all the food and setting up the tables for the party. They are going to decorate the tables with the pumpkins they made yesterday. Plus, they plan to have a neutral judge come in and pick a 1st place winner among the pumpkins…both the big ones and the little ones they decorated. Each winner will receive a prize. The kids also have some fun Halloween games to play.

It is so rewarding to see the mutual admiration building between these kids and their grandparent. They have really become close and stay in touch weekly or daily!  Some of the kids have even said they love talking to their grandparent about things they can’t talk to anyone else about. Our residents love the close bond that is developing and listen to the kids, giving loving advice. Both sides are learning so much from each other and the quality of life is evident when you see them all together.

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