“Adopt a Grandparent” Town Center Christmas Party

The Heritage Hall kids planned a fun Christmas party for their adopted grandparents. It was held in Anne Glasgow’s apartment and in the new niche across the hall from Anne. We recently renovated and have all new carpet, tile, and furniture, so the timing was perfect. There are tables on Anne’s floor in the seating area and several went over there to have their cookies and hot chocolate. The kids made all the cookies and goodies for the party. They held a bake sale at Heritage Hall the week before so they could raise money to buy the ingredients for the party.

Each grandchild presented a gift to their grandparent, a framed photo of the two of them. Everyone was surprised and very appreciative. Those grandparent/grandkids who have been together over a year were presented with a full scrapbook of photos throughout this last year. It was a fun day to spend together celebrating the holidays.

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