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Auction for Alzheimer’s – A success!

What a big success we had this month with our auction to raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Association! Many kind folks donated baskets of gifts to put up for the auction. The auction was two hours long and the room was full of people putting in their written bids on the bid sheets. Many associates and residents were running back and forth checking the last bids…adding $1.00 or more, hoping to win the prize! Some of the baskets up for auction were a Thunder Basket, OU and OSU Baskets, Big Sky Bakery, Arbonne products (which included a massage!), BBQ Basket of Goodies, A Dog Basket, Teas, Wines, Donuts and more! Dining Services fixed a variety of pizzas to sell since it was from 11:30am to 1:30pm, and they also received a piece of homemade cake and a drink for only $4.00.

As the minutes ticked by and we were down to the wire…Mary Shrum was doing a countdown for last bids. People were scurrying around to make sure their names were the last bid on the sheet. At 1:30pm on the dot…the bidding stopped and people grabbed their winning baskets. Kristy Davis, our Director of Nurses, won three baskets…and so did Linda Cooper, Director of Rehab. Lots of cheers and smiling faces seen throughout the room! After all the money was collected…we successfully raised over $2,000 to add to the $3,500 already raised this year. Thanks to Mary, Wanda, and all the staff who helped with the auction and the fundraiser. Our local Alzheimer’s walk on campus is Wednesday, September 9th when more funds should be coming in, and the main Alzheimer’s Walk is Saturday, September 12th downtown beginning at the ball park. We are providing a bus to the walk and invite everyone to join Team Canterbury!

Go back to Life at The Fountains at Canterbury

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