I toured The Fountains and the lady who showed me around explained to me that they have care around the clock, and they have a nurse on staff. They have all kinds of stuff: they have water aerobics, teaching demonstrations, yoga, and crochet. I talked to several of the residents and they loved it there. The rooms are twice as big as the one my mother has right now. I haven’t eaten there but you can order off a menu. I would like to take my mom there next time and tour some more.

Review by Caring83010550

My dad is at The Fountains at Canterbury. We chose this one because they have a fantastic outdoor space so that my dad is able to have his dog there, and he is able to go outside and walk him. He has some autonomy, even though he is in memory care. The facility itself is small, and there are only a maximum number of 17 residents in there. There is one central living room and one central dining room. It is not a long hallway. It is built more like a house. It doesn’t feel clinical, like other facilities do. It is really nice. My dad actually has lots of space in his room. They only had a companion suite available at that time, so he is actually a single person living in a companion suite, so it is fantastic. The staff has just been really wonderful. They are amazing. They’re fantastic! My dad doesn’t do any of their activities, but they have a personal trainer, which is actually one of the reasons why we chose this facility. Their personal trainer is skilled in geriatric and in trying to get patients to work out. Also they have a gym, a pool, and a church service that my dad goes to once a week. My dad seems to be happy with the food, too. I would absolutely recommend this place to others. It is actually quite affordable for memory care compared to any of the surrounding facilities.

Review by Tiffany9

When Mom arrived in assisted living, she could not stand or walk and required a 24-hour caregiver. She could not eat or drink on her own and was in a deep state of depression. While I found much advice on medical conditions and treatment, I found virtually nothing on understanding assisted living. Sure, there were some Websites that taught you the basics, like “make sure a nurse is on duty” or “make sure the kitchen is clean”. But this is my mom and I wanted far better for her. I wasn’t putting her away; I was playing a key role in her recovery. Because of the lessons I learned “and a lot of hard work on the part of my mother” she is doing very well. In fact, we’ve become very close friends. She walks with a walker; her memories are clear and vibrant. She has a circle of friends and a packed calendar.While a move to assisted living may initially be seen as negative, I know first-hand that with some careful and thoughtful planning, you can make it a huge positive for all concerned. Over the last several years, my relationship with my mother has strengthened. She has become one of my best friends and an integral part of my life.

Review by A6EY5IHN8TUYD

We will be moving in at The Fountains at Canterbury. We chose it for ourselves because it had everything that we wanted and needed. We were really impressed with the people and the community itself. We could have a cottage with one bedroom and a garage. We like their workout facilities and all the activities that they were doing. It’s also close enough to our son and church. We tried their food, and it was very good and nutritious. I am a vegetarian, and they have foods that I could eat. Their dining room and server were very nice.

Review by Gayle403488

A++! I cannot say enough about how grateful my family and I were for The Fountains at Canterbury Skilled Rehab. My mother was there after she was hospitalized. The community was clean. The staff were all very friendly and so caring toward my mom. It was amazing to not have to worry about her being away from home. She went in only able to take a couple of steps, very weak and confused. Now she is back at home and better than ever. She is walking around great and put on some much needed weight. A big thanks to the whole team there in The Springs for getting my mom better and back home to her family. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Review by Marti C.

Like many baby boomers, I have come to that place in my life where I needed to help my parents make the transition to assisted living. This was a new experience for me and one that came with a lot of questions. Everyone has heard the horror stories of how the greatest generation has been forgotten when it comes to how they are being cared for in their final days. They still have much to offer but not every organization seems to recognize the dignity and honor our parents deserve. After surveying the possibilities for assisted living and nursing care, one organization in Oklahoma City stood out among those we interviewed. My family has been more than impressed by the team at The Fountains at Canterbury. They have been excellent in every way. They are knowledgable, friendly, patient, helpful, understanding and most of all, caring. We never felt like a number and we felt as if we were at the center of their attention. The facilities were very nice as well. The homey environment is inviting and the residents were friendly and even showed off their apartments when we went on a tour. It may seem small, but the place was clean, smelt good and, believe it or not, felt like home! Thanks to everyone at The Fountains at Canterbury for loving on our seniors. You must love your jobs because it certainly shows!

Review by Ray Sanders

Could not have wished for a better place for my folks to retire to…. I have also been welcomed by staff…. Thank you very much…. Keep up the good work

Review by Ann Russell

Wonderful facility, and caring staff, with loving residents! It’s so beautiful there! I was amazed.

Review by Kathyrn Garcia

My 96 year old father, who is a Veteran from WW11, Korea and Vietnam, has been living at the Fountains at Canterbury for four years. He’s needed physical therapy and occupational therapy occasionally over the past several years, and if it wasn’t for Jennifer, PT and Beverly, OT he wouldn’t be independently walking and caring for himself. The therapy/rehabilitation department is amazing; from being flexible with their schedules, providing a positive and enjoyable therapy experience and adding laughter and listening to dad’s stories. The nursing and the personal care staff are truly caring and loving individuals, who alert me when my father’s not feeling well and are always looking out for my dad. They administer his medication and check on him if they haven’t seen him. They’ve known dad for four years, they know what he likes to eat and what he doesn’t. They especially know ice cream is his favorite “meal”. The staff consistently supports my father with the up most care and respect. They engage him in conversations he enjoys, either sharing his past or joking around being a social butterfly. I’m able to spend time with my father 2-3 times per week, including enjoying lunch and or dinner with him. We talk with his friends at the dining room table before, during and after our meal and enjoy everyone’s company, laughing and sharing stories. It’s a joy to continue participating in my father’s life.

Review by Lin Lutes

Great Experience! Thank you all for taking such great care of our loved one. My mother-in-law Mary Luckert was in the Skilled facility for 20 days after a month long stay in the hospital. The therapy was amazing! She literally couldn’t even roll over in her bed when she arrived on 11.26.16. Upon her release I never expected her to be able to handle as much as she can. She is now walking with little assistance of a walker. The staff at the Fountains treated her with respect, compassion, and an undeniable level of empathy. When asked about her experience she can only rave about the staff and the therapy. Some of the staff that really made an impression were Samuel, Cori, Zuma, Christina, & Shanna. There were more but she didn’t have all of the names written down. She is still raving about the therapy room on a regular basis. Again thanks to all the staff at the Fountains.

Review by Chanda Leah Pitts

Fountains of Canterbury Assisted Living, The Inn, is a wonderful place. My mother, 94, has spent several months there. The setting with trees, flowers and lots of space is really special. But more special is the staff. From the administration to the nurses and support staff, we could not be more impressed. Each person treats my mother with care and respect, and answers all of our many questions with patience and care. It’s a wonderful choice!

Review by Kl Johansen

Tough decision when helping my Dad locate a facility. We looked at 5 different facilities in OKC and Edmond and short listed two of them, one being The Fountains at Canterbury. After meeting the staff and walking the facility we committed to The Fountains. He moved in almost 6 months ago and we could not be more pleased. The staff is friendly, food is good (Dad would like bigger helpings) but really plenty filling. Scott Steinmetz is the Executive Director and in our opinion has never ending patience and is a consummate professional. Words are difficult to use to describe the peace of mind I now have knowing that my father is surrounded by caring loving people. You cannot go wrong here folks !

Review by Paul Beavers

The way I understand it, this community was purchased by Watermark from Sunrise and has been on the up and up ever since. Watermark has poured money into the community (totally remodeling the skilled nursing and independent living buildings) and staffed above the state regulations. I recommend doing your research on any facility, but in doing so definitely tour the community and see for yourself. I think you will be pleased at the caring spirit of the staff and the quality of care.

Review by A Google User
My mother spent three weeks in the skilled nursing and now lives in the assisted living. She has been very happy there, and has told me on numerous occasions she should have moved sooner. The staff is very attentive and caring.
Review by Linda Nelson

I was very impressed with the skilled rehab section of The Fountains at Canterbury! My mom was there for almost a month. She went there from the hospital and was so weak that she was barely able to stand. The nurses and aides were all so friendly and compassionate. The therapists were patient and determined. The building was clean and well kept. My mom walked out of there and got to go home. I would recommend it to anyone.

Review by Karen Armstrong
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My mother-in-law is doing fine being in the assisted living part of the community. She has dementia and the staff have been great with helping her and the job of assisting her. The meals taste very good with a good selection to choose from. We have not had any problems and they take care of anything that we ask. The community is in a convenient location for both family to pick her up for appointments or to see her.

Review by Oklahoma City, OK Family
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I love this community because everything we have asked the staff to do, they do it. I picked this place over others because everyone here is so friendly. I have had no problems thus far. The staff members are friendly, personable, and treat my friends very well. If there’s something we need, they get it immediately. The food is excellent and the chefs make creative meals. They really cater to the resident’s tastes. The grounds themselves are clean. My friend’s rooms are cleaned and the beds are changed once a week. They also clean the bathrooms every other day. I really like that they have a lot of activities to keep them moving. There’s a calendar of things to do including bingo, trips to restaurants, going to the casino, and going down to the river. I could not be more pleased with this facility, they offer excellent care. I would absolutely recommend this community.

Review by Oklahoma City, OK Family
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Great experience. …the therapy team were so great for my mom…..we really appreciate everyone helping to get her home

Review by Oklahoma City, OK Family
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After living at the Fountains for 3 years, I want to thank you for the great days I have enjoyed. The staff and residents have made it home to me. I have found it easy to fit in and take part in many of the programs offered.

Not knowing the city, it has been educational going to mystery dinners and lunches . Learning the town and learning more about my new friends has been wonderful. Trips out of town appeal to all, and you meet new people on each trip, therefore developing more and perhaps closer relationships. Recently we decorated hats to wear to a MOTHERS DAY TEA which was lots of fun. Many enjoy games and dominoes and you can see groups of people having fun most any time of the day. You can stay as busy as you want.

To keep our bodies fit, there is a fitness center along with a big heated pool with different groups using it throughout the day. Tai Chi is also offered to keep our bodies flexible.

If anyone knows it is time for you to not live alone anymore, the Fountains is where you can feel right at home. If you are not sure about financial matters, the staff will work with you to help figure a way you might move here. Come have fun and be comfortable here.  -WB

Review by Wanda Bolen
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Excellent; they have gone above and beyond to make Mom feel welcome and at home. People are very friendly, food is good and her cottage is gorgeous; they let her choose flooring (carpet and wood), paint, fixtures, granite, backsplash and new stainless kitchen appliances. She’s been there about 3 weeks and they are just wonderful; independent living. She has already participated in several activities and loves it.

Review by Anonymous
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My mother was at The Fountains at Canterbury for Skilled Rehab. I am the full time caregiver for my mother so I was a little nervous about having her go stay somewhere. She was there for almost a month and the experience was great! She honestly left there 10 times better than when she went in. Her room was always clean and tidy. The staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help. My mother re-gained so much during her stay thanks to the nurses and therapists. It meant a lot to me to know that she was being well taken care of away from home and that I could have peace of mind that she was receiving quality services. I hope we don’t, but if we ever needed skilled rehab again, I would definitely choose The Fountains.

Review by Karen A.
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We’re very pleased with The Fountains at Canterbury, they’ve done an excellent job in all aspects of the care that they’ve provided! They have a top notch skilled nursing and rehab facility, and they also do an excellent job with their memory care community. The staff here are very compassionate and patient with their residents, and have done an excellent job helping my loved one through the various stages of his care. They also do a fine job with their meal service, the food always looks good and the portions are a nice size. In addition to whatever dishes they are serving for the day they also have a back-up menu with a few staples on it in case your loved one doesn’t like what they’re serving that day. We really have had a good experience with The Fountains at Canterbury, and would recommend them highly!

Review by Vicki Hart
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