Cruise Theme Party

Town Center residents gathered in the Commons Room for an open bar and dance music with the June Carter and Donna Rice Band. June always comes up with fun songs, appropriate for each occasion. He loves to get the ladies out on the dance floor and always engages the audience in fun trivia, conversation and games. We had birthdays this month to celebrate, so we had them stand up while we sang Happy Birthday…one was Dr. Dean Robertson celebrating his 100th Birthday. He got a special toast from everyone!

Residents then proceeded to the dining room with more fun cruise decorations everywhere, and enjoyed a delicious meal of surf and turf prepared by our chefs. It began with a watermelon and spinach salad, a delicious prime rib and grilled shrimp dinner with pumpkin risotto and asparagus, followed by key lime pie. Rave reviews for the dinner, Chef Chris and his cooks!! It definitely rivaled the food you would find on a cruise ship!

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