Dr. Dean Robertson Turns 100!

On Saturday, June 17th, we celebrated the 100th birthday of one of our Town Center residents, Dr. Dean Robertson. Dean’s actual birthday is June 21st. Daughters Sally and Rindy planned a huge party in our Commons Room, inviting friends from his past, current friends, all residents, family members…with over 150 guests in attendance…and still coming in the door at the end of the party.

Gloria Helmuth, head of the Centenarian Club of Oklahoma in Tulsa, drove down for the ceremony and presented Dean with a Membership Certificate and a “Golden Okie” pin. He will also receive a birthday card each year for each future birthday, with special gifts now and then. This is the only state with a Centenarian Club, formed in 1991 and is strictly run by volunteers and are a non-profit organization. They have honored over 2,100 Centenarians in this state. The oldest centenarian passed away last year at the age of 114 and she attributed her longevity to good, clean living! The oldest current centenarian is 109. Dean filled out several pages of questions for us to submit to Gloria, who shared the story of his life with everyone.

Dean is a true gentleman in every sense of the word and tries to remain as active as he can, dressing up every day and getting involved in programs here at The Fountains at Canterbury. He goes with us on many mystery lunches and most recently a beer tasting venue! He loves to come to the monthly theme parties & dinners, happy hour, bingo, and any concert involving music. He attends Rotary Club meetings and lunches every Tuesday and goes out to eat with friends and colleagues from the Dental College. He also invites several dental students to join him here for lunch monthly. Dean is involved in the “Adopt a Grandparent” program with the Heritage Hall Private School next door to us and his little granddaughter, Emily, just happens to be a triplet. He invited all three girls to join him for dinner this spring and they will continue to stay in touch often. We are very fortunate to know Dean and have him as part of our family here at The Fountains at Canterbury. We wish him many more Happy Birthdays!

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