Dragon Boat Outing

Residents, associates, and club members enjoyed a morning out on the Oklahoma River rowing in the Dragon Boat. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water and we were all excited to try some new things. This is our 4th summer to go out on the river and each time we have a new guide who teaches us various ways to row. We spent more time out on the water this summer doing sets of 24 rows, breaking and starting again. We did the pigeon which is four rows with your oar in the water, then you pull it in and go forward and backward four counts to the drum. Becky, Community Life Director, was the drummer for the third time and beats the drum to the count by the guide. The drum beats begin as the oars dip into the water. We did a long distance rowing without stopping which the guide timed. We did pretty good for what I would still call “beginners”. They asked if we would like to enter into competition in the fall with some of the other rowers, but the laughs from the crowd seemed to answer that question. It is a fun outing and a great bonding experience for associates who work in all buildings interacting with our residents and club members. After the rowing, everyone had worked up an appetite, so we headed to Abuelo’s in Brick Town for their buffet; which has about all the Mexican food you could possibly want. Some of the residents were ready for margaritas, so they sat back, relaxed and enjoyed visiting with everyone about our amazing experience.

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