Expressions Art Show

Our Expressions Calendar Art Show took place in June with artwork made by residents in all levels of care. The art was displayed for a full week so everyone, including family and guests, could view the creative work by our own residents. The art show featured several oil paintings, charcoal, watercolor, chalk, ceramics, crafts, quilts, knitted clothing and blankets, sewing, woodworking and several other fun pieces. Judges from the outside of our community who are in the art world in some way, came in to judge all of the artwork and they chose five first-place winners. It was a difficult task they said, but they finally decided on the five winners. Ribbons were also given to second and third place winners, plus honorable mention. It is always exciting to see the talent and creativity among our residents on campus.

A professional photographer came in to take photos of our winners and their artwork. Each has to be photographed a certain way, tagged, and placed on a disk to send to Watermark where they are entered into competition with the winners from all of our 54 communities around the country. Twelve winners are chosen to represent a month in the calendar and have their artwork featured. Other winners are chosen for honorable mention, to also be featured in the calendar. We are always excited…and competitive but we have been very fortunate over the years to have had some of our entries take one of the twelve key spots on the calendar. It must be very difficult to make a decision among all the beautiful pieces of artwork we have seen entered throughout the years. The winners will be announced sometime in October and the calendars shipped to us before Christmas so we can give them as gifts. These are very special and inspiring calendars, showing us you are never to old to tap into your creative side. Each piece of artwork is unique and touching in different ways.

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