Membership Fee

The Fountains at Canterbury is a full continuum of care community that offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing. Many people ask about the value of a membership fee. The membership fee option provides residents with the peace of mind of future health care and has several refund options to help you preserve your estate. It also provides a future health care benefit of $400 per month plus a variety of services and amenities.

Reasons to Choose the Membership Fee Option

Opportunities to customize and upgrade your residence.
Choose your own personal touches in our Design Center.

Priority access to future health care with a health care benefit of $4,800 per year.
Joining a membership fee community with a continuum of care ensures access to higher levels of care should you ever need them. At The Fountains at Canterbury, membership also carries the benefit of saving $400 per month on Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing.

Lower monthly fees and smaller rate increases than a typical rental community.
These savings add up. You’ll even enjoy far more amenities and services than most rental communities.

Guaranteed refund based on the financial option you choose.
For instance, you can choose to pay a larger entry fee that entitles your estate to a 90% refund, a smaller membership fee where your estate is entitled to a 50% refund or the smallest fee possible where a declining refund would be issued to your estate according to the length of stay.

Preservation of your estate.
The refundable portion of the membership fee provides a guaranteed way to preserve your estate.

A community of like-minded people who have planned for their future.
Residents who proactively plan for their retirement years tend to enjoy greater financial and physical freedom. Since membership fee communities typically attract this mindset, residents tend to be more actively engaged and able to take full advantage of all that the community has to offer.

Potential tax benefits of entry fees and monthly fees.
The IRS may recognize a percentage of both the membership fee and monthly fee as a medical expense deduction. Please consult your personal tax adviser for the tax implications.

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