Food Bank Outing

Residents from The Springs and The Inn made a visit to the Food Bank of Oklahoma to help package products for those in need. During this visit, they separated packages of saltine crackers and placed them into boxes that will go on the many shelves at the Food Bank. Residents worked for about two hours and finished packaging all the crackers. Each time they go, they are given different tasks. Another area is available for those who want to place the food on shelves instead of dividing products into individual bags or boxes. It is a cause the residents are passionate about and they feel like they are giving back to the community by doing whatever they can. The Springs residents have done food and supply drives before and delivered all the boxes to the various agencies around the city that provide free items to the public.

Following all their hard work, everyone headed to lunch at Pub W on Memorial which has a variety of items on their menu. Residents loved the fish and chips, meatloaf, chicken fried steak, and creative burgers and sandwiches. One of the biggest hits was the Chupacabra sandwich with pulled chipotle chicken, grilled jalapenos, grilled onions, muenster cheese, spicy aioli on jalapeno bread. They love the spicy foods!

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