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Home Cooked Meals for the Holidays

Two years ago Mary Shrum, Program Director, started a tradition of cooking holiday meals in The Gardens, our memory care neighborhood. This year with our recently renovated and fully functioning kitchens she is really going to cook up something special!

In prior years, residents living in The Gardens, have enjoyed helping Mary prepare the holiday meals. They’ve helped stuff the Thanksgiving turkey, add cloves and score the Christmas ham. One resident let Mary know that she wasn’t adding the cloves and scoring the ham correctly. So Mary asked her if she would teach her the proper way. The resident and Mary spent the next thirty minutes talking about family holiday meals.

Mary’s plan this year is to do Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas hams in each house. If you’d like to help please let Mary know what family favorite side dish or dessert you will bring. This will make it a true family holiday celebration. Mary would also like you to share special family stories about the items you bring.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner will be served on November 16th, at 5:00pm. Mary will be providing the turkey and dressing.
  • Christmas Dinner will be served on December 15th at 5:00pm. Mary, will be providing the ham.

Please RSVP to Mary by November 11th for the Thanksgiving Dinner and December 9th for the Christmas Dinner.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the holidays with you and your loved ones.

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  1. Posted on 11/08/16 by Vicki Bott

    Thank you Mary. I appreciate all you do.

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