Men’s Group Chili Supper

The Town Center Men’s Group gathered on a Sunday night in late March for a fundraising chili supper. The guys made all the chili on Saturday, cooked it in crock pots and served it at the dinner the next night. Bob Coalson made about 100 cornbread muffins…his favorite thing to cook and eat!  Dr. Jim Beavers and Lynn McIntosh served the cornbread and the butter. Chuck, Harvey, Rich and Lynn took turns serving the chili. Chuck put black beans in the chili he was serving, plus a lot of onions and spices. The other two crock pots had one recipe of chili without beans and one with pinto beans. We also served grated cheese to sprinkle on top, along with fritos. Marge Whitehair made some delilcious M & M chocolate chip cookies and Becky made a variety of cookies as well. Darryl served all the drinks as guests came through the line. We offered beer, soft drinks, and water. Larry Darnell played the guitar and sang country songs throughout the meal. He sounds exactly like Hank Williams and sang most of his greatest hits. Residents were singing along and a few were doing the two-step across the room! It was the perfect accompaniment for a chili supper! The guys decorated the room in lime green tablecloths with green flowers and green shamrocks on the tables. We had the big screen TV on with the Basketball finals for those who wanted to sit on that side of the room to enjoy their meal and sports!

The dinner was also a fundraiser to collect a little extra money to buy the lamp posts to go around our lake. We’ve been saving money from these dinner fundraisers for the last few years. We raised enough money to add to what we already had, to pay for 7 lamp posts and also for the contract labor to dig the holes and cement the posts into the ground. The lamp posts were ordered following the dinner, the Men’s Group put them all together, and they helped the contractor place them in the ground. So now we have 7 beautiful lamp posts lining our sidewalks around the lake. Residents say it gives off a beautiful glow every evening. They are solar lights, so they aren’t too bright and just enough light to walk along the paths in the evening. The men also bought new benches last year that line the paths around the community. Not only are these dinners fun for everyone, we are able to enhance the beauty of our property and enjoy the benefits.

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