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Men’s Group Dinner

The Town Center Men’s Group held a Beans and Cornbread dinner Sunday night which turned out to be a huge success! The men met on Saturday to chop onions, sausage and ham. We combined all our ingredients among five crock pots which included pinto beans, navy, and black beans. We all worked adding various ingredients to each pot. Some of the men wanted Eckridge sausage in the navy beans, along with onions and seasoning. The pinto beans were in three pots and all were made with ham hocks (thanks to Dr. Jim Beavers who said he had a source!), Chuck Whitehair made a pot of pimento beans with his own secret recipe, and the black beans were made with bell peppers, onions, diced ham, pimentos, hot sauce, soy sauce, paprika and other seasonings. Robert Coalson made 80 cornbread muffins that had a few peppers added to them for spice…and were delicious!. Gene Hunt and Frank Esch made brownies of all kinds…some frosted, some sugar free…all rich and chocolaty. The men also served beer and soft drinks to top off the meal!

Singer Larry Darnell entertained us with fabulous country music that seemed to go right along with our typical Oklahoma Beans and Cornbread dinner. Larry plays the guitar and sounds just like Hank Williams…singing many old favorites we all remember, such as “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “I Saw The Light,” “Cold Cold Heart,” “Hey Good Lookin” and “Jambalaya” (all fitting for our southern supper). Larry is well-known across the state singing at the Senor Follies, Jamboree in Clinton (one of the road trips we plan to make this year), and the Opry here in Oklahoma City. We welcomed donations at the dinner to add to our “Fountain Fund” to buy a fountain for our lake…and we have finally reached our goal! We are hoping to install the fountain sometime in February. Thanks to all our men for their hard work…we served approximately 65 residents!

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