Mystery Dinner at Uncle Julio’s

Town Center residents are always surprised when we go out for the mystery lunch or dinner and Uncle Julio’s was no exception. The new restaurant is located in the fast-growing Chisholm Creek area just a few blocks from our campus! The restaurant has a lake on one side of it with fountains spraying water in all directions. There is a large area inside to eat and two separate patio areas, one by the lake and the other in front of the restaurant with misting fans in the summer and heaters in the fall and winter. We were seated in the very center of the restaurant with our large group. Everyone ordered different kinds of Mexican food…quesadillas, taco salads, fish tacos, enchiladas, burritos…everything we ate was delicious! Not a negative comment from the crowd! Kaye Parrott did think her beef taco salad was a tad too big but better to have too much with leftovers for the next day than to leave hungry! Residents ordered mostly margaritas…frozen, silver, on the rocks, some with Grand Marnier…and most of the men ordered Mexican beers. The service was amazing with several waiters assigned to our table, making everyone feel welcome and content.

One of the fun features they offer on the menu is a giant chocolate ball, filled with all kinds of goodies. They bring it to your table on a large board with each corner offering different combinations of dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel and raspberry, swirled to look like spider webs. Surrounding the board were mounds of puffy fresh-whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate. There were bowls of chocolate for dipping anything that was inside the ball. It was Darrell Morrow’s birthday, so his wife Janie decided to order one of the chocolate balls for the table. Little did she know, unknown customers in the restaurant already ordered us a chocolate ball. Unfortunately they wanted to remain anonymous so we never had a chance to thank them. The waiter told us we would probably need two balls anyway, so within minutes we had two giant chocolate balls, one at either end of the table. On Darrell’s board, they wrote “Happy Birthday, Darrell”, so when it arrived, we all sang Happy Birthday to him. The ball is like a pinata, you have to hit it with a wooden stick until it breaks and all the fun comes flooding out…strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, little Mexican cakes (one was in the shape of a ball and we found out it had melted chocolate inside…so you had to eat the whole thing all at once!). It took several swings, but Darrell popped the ball open and everyone clapped with delight. Harvey hit the ball at the other end of the table…or should I say he batted the ball as if at home plate swinging at a real baseball…it exploded immediately! What great fun it was to see what was inside and each ball had some different things, so we were all trying everything! Kaye and Harvey started stabbing the leftover chocolate ball to grab as many pieces as they could to take home for later!  This was truly one of the most fun Mystery Dinners ever and one we will never forget!

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