Mystery Lunch to Jones Assembly

Town Center residents were really surprised when we pulled up in front of the new Jones Assembly restaurant in downtown Oklahoma City. The restaurant has only been open a few weeks and has already had rave reviews. The spacious restaurant has a long oak bar with beautiful lights hanging all across the top of the bar and a large room with various types of seating for meals. We sat in two large booths, big enough for eight people each. It was a great set-up the residents agreed, making it easier to visit across the table with everyone, as opposed to one long table. There is also outdoor seating with flat screen TV’s, fireplaces and cozy spaces to sit. On weekends they have bands perform on the stage that is at one end of the restaurant. The large glass doors that separate the outside from the inside are opened and it becomes one big space. The stage leads out across the outside seating areas as well, so they can see them both inside and out. The tables and chairs inside go underneath the stage, leaving a big open space for people to watch the bands and dance. You can also make a reservation for a booth or table to eat while enjoying the bands. Willie Nelson and his band will be there in November, and many other interesting types of music are scheduled from Reggae to Jazz to Grunge!

The food was delicious and very difficult to decide what to try. Several had the turkey club which was enormous and much to big to fit into one’s mouth…so many took half home in a box. They have delicious French fries which almost everyone tried…a great flavor and served with a ketchup that had a bit of a kick to it. A few ordered a pizza, there were many to choose from…and others opted for salads with chicken and great combinations of veggies, nuts, and cheeses. Some of the appetizers looked really tempting and we all wanted to try them…biscuits from scratch with jam & butter, avocado toast, deviled eggs, fried okra…and many other fun choices. The service was amazing and the owners even brought us about 12 pillows to put behind our backs in the booths to make us even more comfortable. Definitely a fun outing and a great place to return some night for dinner!

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