Town Center Christmas Theme Party

Over 100 Town Center residents, family and guests gathered in the Commons Room for the Christmas theme party this last week. The Sulley and Sisson Band played both Christmas music and other favorites from pop to WWII songs to country! Everyone got out on the dance floor, couples and big groups together. We were having so much fun, residents kept asking for more songs and no one got up to go into dinner on time!

Everyone did finally go into the dining room which was completely full. The chefs did it again with an amazing menu everyone loved. They served Cornish game hens for the entrée and a pecan raisin bread pudding for dessert. Many family members came for the first time and were excited to see how their loved one is thriving here at The Fountains at Canterbury. Our residents love a good party!  Anne Glasgow invited her granddaughter from the “Adopt a Grandparent” program at Heritage Hall school. Claire brought her parents too and Anne invited her son and daughter-in-law to meet them for the first time. A really fun evening…cocktails, live music, a delicious dinner, and compliments all around…you couldn’t ask for more!

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