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Town Center Residents Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Town Center residents gathered in the lobby to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Margaritas…regular or watermelon…or a choice of a non-alcoholic lime drink. Seven-layer dip, salsas, queso, and a variety of different chips were also offered…and every bite eaten by the end of the party! Spanish music was playing with residents singing “Cielito Lindo”…ay, ay, ay, ay, conta y  no llores….(Cielito Lindo translates as meaning “lovely sweet one”). A song often sung by Mariachi bands, it is one song that is well-known to most. A few wore sombreros and shook their maracas to the music. Then everyone headed for the dining room where there were several choices of Mexican dishes on the menu.

We have a concert this week with Edgar Cruz and The Three Amigos, then our Theme party and dinner on the 20th is also a Mexican theme. Having fun all month enjoying the music and the foods of our neighbors to the south!

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