“Travels on the Open Road” with K’Lynn

K’Lynn Bigelow, our Administrative Assistant at the Town Center did a three-part series over the summer for her Watermark University class, Travels on the Open Road. She began in the south, worked her way along the east coast, then midwest and finally to the western part of the United States.  Her class focused on unusual sites to see in each state, should you be traveling any time soon. K’Lynn used a slide presentation, giving facts and trivia about each site. Many of the residents had visited the places she chose, so they were able to add information to our discussion. She showed us a store on a mountain where goats could climb from the mountain onto the roof of the store and they stayed there all the time. There was a big statue of Paul Bunyan, known to be the biggest in the country. There were large crosses and a huge Statue of the Virgin Mary. There were large statues of animals, bugs, food and just about anything you could imagine. K’lynn also brings homemade cookies and treats she makes with her mom to enjoy during the class. She spent the summer covering this class and her next class going forward will be on “Presidential Pets”.

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