Watermark University Class – The Oklahomans

Town Center residents have been attending a class this semester called “The Oklahomans” taught by Becky Strong, Community Life Director. The book by John Dwyer of Duncan, Oklahoma, was just released this year and it covers the area where Oklahoma now exists, from the very beginning-BC to the 1930’s. He is writing a second book which will be released in 2018 on the 1930’s to present day Oklahoma. We have been covering the book one chapter at a time…with each chapter being at least 30 pages long…and it’s a big book! This last week Becky discussed the story of “The Trail of Tears” which took place in our country during the 1830’s, forcing Native Americans in the southeast out of their homes to travel to Indian Territory which is now Oklahoma. Dwyer does a superb job of covering every detail of the events that occurred throughout those years, with the Five Civilized Tribes’ (Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, Seminoles, and Cherokees) removal from their current lands in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. A tragic story in our history but one that needs to be told and many of the residents had several stories to share handed down from their ancestors or family friends. We are very grateful to our Native Americans who live here and how much they have given back to the state of Oklahoma and its people.

For a treat during the class, Becky served red, white, and blue ice cream floats with fresh blueberries and strawberries on top in patriotic cups with red spoons and red striped straws along with 4th of July napkins with red & white stripes and blue stars. The ice cream is only on sale in July and disappears from the shelves quickly but it is really fun to serve at this time of year…vanilla, strawberry with pieces of strawberries in it, and blueberry ice cream with an abundance of little blueberries mixed in. She added a little Jamaican gingerale to the ice cream plus the fresh fruit and it was delicious!

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