Western Theme Party and Dinner

Due to heavy rains the day of our theme party, we had a few problems with leaks in our big event room…so we all pulled together and moved all the decorated tables to the lobby after moving all the furniture out of the lobby! It was a tight fit, but we all decided it was fun to have it in a different area for a change…plus when folks are close together, it is cozier and they tend to talk more. We moved the bar and seven tables into the lobby and made room for the band…everyone adapted and it worked very well! The Sulley and Sisson band played and sang all country songs and everyone was singing along or up dancing. The carpet didn’t make it easy to dance so everyone did their own thing and most were dancing individually which was somewhat humorous to watch. We took some fun photos with residents’  faces in the center of a “Wanted Poster”… everyone wants copies of themselves at the party!

After the pre-party, everyone proceeded to the dining room for a delicious western dinner. Chef Chris and his staff prepared an amazing meal which received raves all around. For the appetizer, they served smoked soup which was a roasted red pepper and smoked gouda bisque, and a S.W. Salad with S.W. Caesar with Smokey Ranch, bacon, paprika croutons, & parmesan cheese. The entree was a variety of foods…skewered shrimp and a pan seared beef filet medallion topped with Asiago cheese over dirty rice, served with fried potatoes and onions plus green bean casserole. Dessert was an apple cobbler a la mode. Residents are really enjoying the variety of meats and vegetables that are paired for our theme dinners. This one was definitely a big hit!

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